Restaurant – bar

Our professional chefs of the restaurant – bar Smagratis will invite guests to relish gourmet food. Cosy atmosphere, tidy and harmonious environment and pond, seen through the restaurant windows, all this make it the perfect venue for organized festive occasions, business dinners, guest receptions, fun and entertaining evening events with your friends or work colleagues. We offer two party rooms: in a restaurant which can accommodate up to 20 persons or in a white room for up to 28 persons. You are warmly invited to hold your wedding, anniversary celebration or have a birthday party at our place. In addition to this, we can arrange a banquet, furshet or funeral dinner.

The restaurant does not have a plentiful choice of dishes as our menu is created using seasonal ingredients, and therefore it often changes. One thing is for sure: you will get the best you can expect, because the prepared dishes contain fresh produce, and our own, home-grown or local farmers’ vegetables and fruits.

Every working day from 11:30 to 15:00 day menu is offered to guests in a rush!

Restaurant menu is available HERE

Restaurant – bar opening hours: I – VII 10.00 – 24.00


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